Biosentry Liquid Tray & Egg Wash

Product Description

One gallon jugs – 4 per case

BioSentry® Liquid Tray & Egg Wash is a chlorinated, low-foaming cleaning compound specifically designed for washing trays, plastic chick boxes, egg cases and filler flats in automatic tray washers. It is also ideal for washing shell eggs intended for table use, break out or hatching. BioSentry Liquid Tray & Egg Wash is ideal for use in chemical proportioners as well as in manual feeding operations. It is an excellent clean-in-place (CIP) for egg breaking operations.

Active: Potassium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite.
Use: Alkaline, chlorinated, non-foaming tray wash for use in hatchery automatic washers.
Activity: Removes egg soils and proteins from trays, boxes, flats and racks.
Application: Used in proportioning systems or manual dosing.

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SDS Biosentry Liquid Tray & Egg Wash 2018-10-05