Elector PSP

Product Description

8 oz Bottle


Elector PSP provides effective control of houseflies, darkling beetles, and northern fowl mites in and around livestock facilities. Elector PSP is indicated for:

  • Control of hide beetles, darkling beetles, stable flies, and houseflies
  • Control of northern fowl mites infesting poultry
  • Use in swine, poultry, dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, and horse premises

A foundational pest management tool
Elector PSP is flexible and effective. When a part of an integrated pest management program, Elector PSP can be used in rotation with adulticides or larvicides for resistance management.

  • Rotation option for fly, beetle, and northern fowl mite control
  • Can be used in rotation with other insecticide classes
  • Offers direct bird application *
  • Offers no cross resistance1 (pyrethroids, neonicotinoids or organophosphates)

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Elector 2019-01-23