Kaput Doom Combo Blocks

Product Description

18 lb. Pail



  • Seven to nine inches in length
  • Brown to reddish-gray fur
  • Black eyes and a pointed muzzle
  • Hairless tail
  • Primarily nocturnal
  • Most commonly discovered by droppings or damage to food items
  • Occasional sightings or sounds in the walls and or ceilings
  • Reproduction begins at five weeks of age with a 22-day gestation period
  • Multiple litters per year with six to 10 young per litter


Before use, please read the entire label and follow all use directions and use precautions.

  • Kaput DOOM (second generation anticoagulant): Four to 16  blocks every 15-30 feet, maintain a 15-day supply of bait

Click the link below for Safety Data Sheet

Doom 2015-05-30