Poultry Mite Dust

Product Description

40 lb Bucket



Poultry Mite Dust is designed to treat northern fowl mite infestations. Application is intended for either breeder or layer operations.

  • Effective – Kills all stages of mites (adults, nymphs, eggs). Field results indicate that sustained control is gained by breaking the mite lifecycle. The result is long-lasting control.
  • Safe – Ingredients are safe for animals, people, and the environment when used as directed. Product is exempt from registration pursuant to EPA FIFRA guidelines.
  • Practical – No need to remove birds. Treatment is designed to be applied directly to birds in a caged layer system or throughout the house for self-dusting in cage free systems or breeder/broiler operations.
  • Field-proven

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Poultry Mite Dust 2015-11-23